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Hello, I am Joy Truscott and I am on a Mission to bring Higher Awareness and Enlightenment to all who wish to uplift their Life.

Joy Truscott's Bio:

In my quest to bring Inspiration and Hope into the lives of people from all over the world, I have founded SoulAwakeningSA - a platform to connect the voices of Wisdom.  I believe that all Beings have a Divine Purpose and that we are encoded with that Knowing.  It is my dream to give opportunities to many to Remember their Truth and to also give voice to Wisdom speakers from all walks of life, regardless of their credentials or certificates.  Within each of us is a Magnificence and this is what I wish to bring to Light.  "Joy Truscott has a gift for Connecting and Teaching".  Author of - A Journey to Remember: Recapturing the Unique Codes of our Magnificence - available from Amazon.

Joy Truscott's Experience:

  • Teacher, Therapist, Inspirational Speaker, Author at SoulAwakeningSA

    In all the teaching, training and mentoring the work is dedicated to Uplifting Humanity.

Joy Truscott's Education:

  • University of Denver

    Concentration: Masters in Clinical Therapy and Social Work

Joy Truscott's Interests & Activities:

Water color painting, writing, reading, teaching, walking on the beach, energy work.

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